Enrichment for Everyone?

Vladimir Putin wants to set up internation uranium enrichment facilities whose products would be available to all nations that want nuclear energy. Sounds quite a bit like Eisenhower’s concept of an international “uranium” bank.

Russia, IAEA to start setting up intl. uranium enrichment center

But for those familiar with the thorium cycle, it is clear that practically unlimited amounts of nuclear energy can be generated without the need for any uranium enrichment at all, unless U-235 is used as the thorium reactor start-charge. And at this stage of nuclear development, fissile start charges could come from HEU, Pu, or be bred in chloride reactors from LWR waste.



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  • Jagdish
    September 18, 2014 (10:07 am)

    I have always preferred reprocessing and closed cycle but for a new starter, the enriched uranium has its value. The enriched uranium can be used as fissile feed in
    LFTR as stated. Also in other MSRs.
    As a Th-LEU fuel as planned for AHWR or other thermal reactors as given in the Indian document.
    In fast reactors like the Russian SVBR series

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