IEA: Current Energy 'Doomed to Failure'

IEA warns current energy system ‘doomed to failure’

“On current trends, we are on course for an expensive and dirty energy system that will go from crisis to crisis. It can mean more supply disruptions, meteorological disasters or both. This energy future is not only unsustainable, but it is doomed to failure.

“Governments can either accept such a future, or they can decide to come together to change course.”

“In practice, technological breakthroughs that change profoundly the way we produce and consume energy will almost certainly be required as well.”

The IEA urged that nuclear power should be part of the solution, despite opposition to the technology from environmental groups and scepticism among the public.

Yes, please consider nuclear energy as part of the solution! And before you throw up your hands at the issues of waste disposal, capital costs, safety, and fuel cycle, consider the advantages of the thorium-fueled liquid-fluoride reactor!



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