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More History from "Nuclear Green"

Another set of outstanding posts from Charles Barton at "Nuclear Green". His personal insight into the history of Oak Ridge National Lab, and his friendship with Alvin Weinberg and his family, allows him to share some remarkable insights with the rest of us about what REALLY happened to the Molten-Salt Reactor Program in the crucial period of the late 1960s and early 1970s.Alvin Weinberg, the later yearsMilton Shaw: Part IMilton Shaw: Part IIMilton Shaw: Part III

Putting the Financial Squeeze on Coal

This is some VERY good news, and thanks to Randal Leavitt for bringing it to my attention:Wall Street Journal: Wall Street shows skepticism over coalThree of Wall Street's biggest investment banks are set to announce today that they are imposing new environmental standards that will make it harder for companies to get financing to build coal-fired power plants in the U.S.The move shows Wall Street is the latest U.S. business sector that sees some kind of government emissions-capping as inevitable. But it shows disagreement about what to do.It also marks the latest obstacle to coal, which provides about half of U.S. electricity but emits large amounts ...