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James Hansen, global warming, and LFTR

The issue of human-induced global warming has been a concern of mine for many, many years and has been the subject of several of my previous blog posts. It is clear to anyone who takes the time to examine the problem that the "low-hanging fruit" for CO2 reduction is the elimination of coal-fired electrical generation, and I have also written emphatically, since the start of this blog, that we should be striving to eliminate the use of coal. Coal is filthy, coal is dangerous, coal is a proven killer.My co-author on this blog, Charles Barton, has also written in a similar vein on these same issues.Thorium and the liquid-fluoride reactor offer a very ...

Joe Bonometti's "Tech Talk" at Google

Dr. Joe Bonometti, a great friend of this blog and the cause of thorium, gave a "Tech Talk" at Google this past Tuesday on the subject of Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactors. The video of his talk is available on YouTube and embedded here.You can also download a copy of his slides here:LFTR Google PresentationWe really appreciate all of Joe's efforts to advance and promulgate this important technology!