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Two-Fluid Core Designs from ORNL-4528 and -4119

I've been drawing the reactor cores from the ORNL MSRP reports lately.I hope you like them.Here's the one from ORNL-4119:and here's the one from ORNL-4528:Here's the picture from ORNL-4528 that I used for reference.Doing these has helped me learn a lot about fluoride reactor core design.

Kloosterman on TMSR/LFTR Technology

Jan Leen Kloosterman is an Associate Professor at Delft Technical University in the Faculty of Applied Science. Professor Kloosterman specializes in the Physics of Nuclear Reactors, and Thorium Fuel Cycle MSRs are among his professional interests. He has prepared a list of the technological advantages of the LFTR/TMSR. Here is his list: The MSR in combination with the thorium fuel cycle has many advantages: 1. Fluoride inorganic salts are used as a carrier for the fuel and as a coolant. They are among the most stable of chemical compounds and have proven stable under reactor operating conditions. They have a high solubility for actinides, very ...