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Kirk Sorensen TEAC2 Talk

Here's the talk I will be giving this morning at the Thorium Energy Alliance Conference: As we have for most of human history, we stand at the edge of an energy crisis. The methods by which we have powered our society have come to a limit, and a change is necessary. Seven hundred years ago in England, the energy crisis was caused by massive deforestation and a lack of firewood. It was solved by turning to coal, a filthy, inexpensive, and abundant fuel. But as the skies darkened over the cities of England and the United States, people turned to gas and oil to improve the situation. Now all of these fossil fuels will have to be replaced due to the ...

Clarence Hardy and my "appalling errors"

In my recent interview for the Australian radio program "Counterpoint", Dr. Clarence Hardy of the Australian Nuclear Association claimed in a comment left on the article that he "was appalled at the number of errors Mr Kirk Sorenson made in the 20 minute segment". I have tried to send him an email asking what the appalling errors were, but in the meantime, the transcript is right there, and I ask the thorium-interested community: do you have any idea what he might be talking about?

Energy Cheaper than from Coal

I look forward to presenting Liquid Fuel Nuclear Reactors talk at the Thorium Energy Alliance symposium at the Googleplex next week. Part of that talk will remind us that the liquid fluoride thorium reactor is capable of producing energy cheaper than from coal. Cap and trade and carbon taxes have faded from public attention. No agreement was reached in Copenhagen because the developing nations would not accept taxes that limited their potential for economic growth. From their point of view, the OECD nations achieved their wealth from cheap energy, from burning coal. A way to dissuade nations from burning coal is to provide an economically superior ...

Interview with Australian Radio Program "Counterpoint"

Several weeks ago I was contacted by an Australian radio program called "Counterpoint" and asked for an interview about thorium, which as you all know, I am always happy to talk about! I had a very nice discussion with Paul Comrie-Thomson via phone call, with him in Sydney and me in my hotel room in Los Angeles, on March 11th. The interview was broadcast today and can be accessed via the "Counterpoint" website, where downloads and a transcript are also available. I greatly appreciate the Counterpoint staff for their invitation to be interviewed and I hope that people enjoy this. Counterpoint: Thorium, a future energy source?

Thorium Artwork from Suzanne Hobbs

Suzanne Hobbs of PopAtomic Studios put together this fun and happy icon for our thorium efforts--thanks Suzy!

LFTR Article for "Machine Design"

I was recently invited to write an article for "Machine Design" magazine, and with the help of editor Stephen Mraz, this is what I submitted: Thorium, a Readily Available and Slightly Radioactive Mineral, Could Provide the World with Safer, Clean Energy Since I was writing for engineers, I let it get a little more technical, but I hope that people enjoy it.

We're "live" on WordPress!

Hi everyone! Welcome to our new site, on a new hosting platform, on a new webhost. We've left Blogger and our old hosting site at thoriumenergy.blogspot.com and we're now using Wordpress on energyfromthorium.com! So you can update your bookmarks at your leisure but in the meantime all the old links should still work and direct you here. This new hosting strategy is going to make it much easier to do a lot of the things that I've been planning to do for some time--trying to turn energyfromthorium.com into a real resource for people who want to learn about thorium and the fluoride reactor. In recent months, we've had a lot of people who've read the ...

Sierra Club's Carl Pope Pushing Natural Gas

Thanks Rod Adams! It's good to see the national director of the Sierra Club exhibiting rank hypocrisy by pushing the same natural-gas that killed six workers and destroyed a $1B facility only four weeks ago. The same national director of the Sierra Club who tells us in a recent Huffington Post article that nuclear power is too dangerous because there are a few picocuries of tritium in a well that no one drinks out of, even though your average "exit sign" in a building has about a billion times more tritium in it.Sierra Club's Long-Time Executive Director and Soon To Be Chairman Marketing Natural Gas At Clean Energy Summit 2.0QUESTIONER: We also ...

Improving the Thorium Energy Security Act of 2010

Dr. Robert Hargraves has some substantial improvements on the Thorium Energy Security Act of 2010 and I encourage everyone to read his suggested changes to the bill:(3) the growth of nuclear power in the United States and many foreign countries has faced barriers from concerns related to— (A) the proliferation of weapons-useable material; and (B) the proper disposal of spent nuclear fuel; AND (C) THE COST OF NUCLEAR POWER(4) nuclear power plants operating on an advanced thorium fuel cycle to generate nuclear energy— (A) would not produce weapons-useable material in spent fuel; and (B) would produce less long-term waste as ...

Columbus Dispatch Article on Thorium and LFTR

Doug Caruso of the Columbus Dispatch has written a pair of articles that are appearing in today's issue of the paper. In the article he quotes Dr. Al Juhasz and Dr. George Schmidt of NASA GRC, Dr. Dan Ingersoll of ORNL, Dr. Rich Denning of Ohio State, and me. All of these folks have been involved at one time or another in discussions about LFTR, particularly Al and George. The articles, of course, have to be brief and to the point, but I think they're very good. Thanks Doug!Columbus Dispatch: The mighty thorium, the nearly perfect energy source nobody has heard ofColumbus Dispatch: Thorium's promise, some experts say this element could solve our ...