Spectacular LFTR infographic!

I don’t know who generated this graphic, and I would love to know, because I think it’s great.

WellHome: Thorium, the Next Generation of Nuclear Power?

(much of the content I recognize because I wrote it initially in a variety of articles…)

Update: I’ve been contacted by WellHome, and I’m happy to share some information about them with you:

WellHome’s energy audits help you understand the systems in your home, how these systems function on their own, and how they contribute to your whole house comfort and energy efficiency. By testing your home’s air and duct sealing, insulation levels, and more, WellHome can evaluate your home’s energy consumption and heating and cooling efficiency. Home comfort and energy-efficiency improvements don’t always require extensive updates. All parts of a house, including duct work, furnaces, air conditioners, insulation, and windows, should work together for maximum home performance.



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