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Rebutting Rees in the Ecologist and the Guardian

Eifion Rees wrote an article for the Ecologist and later republished it in the Guardian. The article was called "Don't believe the spin on thorium being a ‘greener’ nuclear option." I wrote a rebuttal to the article here.

Excellent Adventures in Calgary (with Gordon)

Gordon McDowell is a pretty amazing guy. I "virtually" met Gordon when he stitched together several of the thorium-related Google Tech Talks into his first attempt at telling the thorium story, "LFTR in 25 minutes". Now 25 minutes is a vast improvement over four hours, but Gordon wasn't satisfied, so he got the story even tighter and created "LFTR in 16 minutes". "LFTR in 16" is still the all-time most-viewed thorium-related video on YouTube, having been issued on November 16, 2009 and having been viewed over 100,000 times as of the writing of this article. But I think Gordon wanted to do better, which is when he started asking me about coming to ...

Interview with Jim Puplava's "Financial Sense"

I really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of Jim Puplava's "Financial Sense Newshour" recently. Jim opened the interview with almost exactly the question I wanted to talk about: what are we going to do about our staggering dependence on fossil fuel? Before I ever knew about thorium or LFTR, I would read about a lot of different energy technologies that promised to someday be 5% or 10% of our overall energy picture. I was always left wondering--what's the 80% answer? What's the 90% answer? What's the technology that's going to shoulder the burden of the planet's energy needs into the future. At one point I thought it was space solar power, ...