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Sorensen and Hargraves TEAC3 Presentations

Thanks to the indefatigable Gordon McDowell, my presentation at TEAC3 on May 12, 2011 is now available on YouTube: Along with that of the inspiring and enlightening Dr. Robert Hargraves: I hope you enjoy the presentations!

"Future of Energy" Posts at Forbes, July 26-31

After writing a guest post on a Forbes blog in March, I was invited to start my own blog on Forbes and have welcomed the opportunity. I called my Forbes blog "The Future of Energy" and I hope that my posts will be entertaining and informative, and will capture the thrill and excitement that I feel when looking at the possibilities of nuclear fission as our future source of energy. July 26: BRC Set to Endorse Interim Storage This post captures some of my thoughts relative to the release of the Blue Ribbon Commission's draft report. July 27: A Simplified Nuclear "Waste" Digester July 29: A Simplified Nuclear "Waste" Digester, Part 2 A recent paper ...