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Nuclear Ammonia

The liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) has the potential to make electric power cheaper than from coal. Typical costs for electric power bought by US utilities average around 5-6 cents per kilowatt hour generated by coal, hydro, and natural gas sources. Government regulations are requiring utilities to buy solar- and wind-generated power at 20-30 cents/kWh. LFTR's potential cost advantage of 3 cents/kWh is the economic incentive to stop burning CO2-emitting coal, without economically injurious carbon taxes and politically obscured feed-in tariffs. In this way LFTR can improve both the environment and the economy. Click to read full post...

"Thorium REMIX 2011" Complete!

Gordon McDowell has completed his epic work and released "Thorium REMIX 2011"! Gordon states in the comments that he is looking for broadcast opportunities and is licensing this under "CREATIVE COMMONS" which means that there is no commercial restriction. Anyone can broadcast this, and I think that is exactly what Gordon wants.

Presenting at ThEC2011

The second Thorium Energy Conference (ThEC2011) was held at City College in New York from October 10 to 12, 2011, and was hosted by the International Thorium Energy Organization (IThEO). Click to read full post...