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Three Years Ago at Google

43 years ago today, man first walked on the Moon. Three years ago today, I went to Google for the first time and gave a talk there. It was a formative event in more than one way. I met Chris Uhlik, who now serves on the Board of Advisors for Flibe Energy. Chris was one of the people, who, in years to come, was a powerful influence on my thinking and was part of the reason we started Flibe Energy. I met Iain McClatchie in person, and Iain has been another voice of advice and guidance as we have attempted to move the development of LFTR forward. And I got to meet "Google"...seeing the campus and the people, how and where they worked, it also had a ...

95 (at least) Killed for Gasoline in Nigeria

More poor, desperate people died today trying to get gasoline from an overturned tanker than in the history of nuclear power. At Least 95 Killed in Nigeria Tanker Truck Fire A truck carrying fuel veered off the road into a ditch, caught fire and exploded in Nigeria's oil-rich delta on Thursday, killing at least 95 people who had rushed to the scene to scoop fuel that had spilled, an official said, in a tragic reminder of how little of the country's oil wealth has trickled down to the poor. Shall we ban the use of gasoline?