Boose and Thompson Sponsor Thorium Energy Resolution of Support!

Ohio State Representative Terry Boose

Ohio State Representative Terry Boose

Ohio State Representative Andy Thompson

Ohio State Representative Andy Thompson

The EFTF (Energy From Thorium Foundation) would like to thank Ohio State House Reps Terry Boose and Andy Thompson for introducing a house resolution supporting the development of Thorium based MSRs (Molten Salt Reactors) in Ohio. If you would like to call or write their offices to show support: Terry Boose Phone (614) 466-9628 E-mail: rep57 [at] ohiohouse [dot] gov   Andrew Thompson Phone (614) 644-8728 E-mail: rep95 [at] ohiohouse [dot] gov   read story here (link) read story here (link) read story here (link) If you would like to educate other members of the Ohio State house about the potential economic and environmental benefits of supporting such a resolution, provided below are some of their contact information:

Ohio House Public Utilities Committee

Peter Stautberg (R)Chair Kristina Roegner (R)Vice Chair Sandra Williams (D)Ranking Minority
John Adams (R) Ron Amstutz (R) Mike Ashford (D)
Louis W. Blessing III (R) Kevin Boyce (D) Jim Butler (R)
Nicholas J. Celebrezze (D) Jack Cera (D) Margaret Conditt (R)
Mike Duffey (R) Anne Gonzales (R) Christina Hagan (R)
Sean O’Brien (D) Mark J. Romanchuk (R) Cliff Rosenberger (R)
Michael Stinziano (D) Fred Strahorn (D) Matt Szollosi (D)
Louis Terhar (R) Andy Thompson (R)

The Ohio House Technology, Labor, and Commerce Committee

Ron Young (R)Chair Mike Duffey (R)Vice Chair Robert F. Hagan (D)Ranking Minority
Nan A. Baker (R) Nick Barborak (D) Louis W. Blessing III (R)
Margaret Conditt (R) Anthony DeVitis (R) Ron Hood (R)
Al Landis (R) Matt Lundy (D) Zack Milkovich (D)
Dan Ramos (D)

The Ohio House Economic Development and Regulatory Reform Committee


Nan A. Baker (R)Chair Louis Terhar (R)Vice Chair Denise Driehaus (D)Ranking Minority
John Barnes, Jr. (D) Peter Beck (R) Heather Bishoff (D)
Tony Burkley (R) Michael F. Curtin (D) Christina Hagan (R)
Michael Henne (R) Ron Hood (R) Stephanie Kunze (R)

Ohio House Manufacturing and Workforce Development Committee


Kirk Schuring (R)Chair Mark J. Romanchuk (R)Vice Chair Roland Winburn (D)Ranking Minority
Kevin Boyce (D) Timothy Derickson (R) Doug Green (R)
Cheryl L. Grossman (R) David Hall (R) Jay Hottinger (R)
Tom Letson (D) John Patterson (D) Kristina Roegner (R)


 The Ohio House Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee


The Ohio House Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee


Mike Dovilla (R)Chair Jim Buchy (R)Vice Chair Ronald V. Gerberry (D)Ranking Minority
John Adams (R) Louis W. Blessing III (R) Andrew Brenner (R)
Jack Cera (D) Kathleen Clyde (D) Michael F. Curtin (D)
Teresa Fedor (D) Matt Huffman (R) Dorothy Pelanda (R)
Rick Perales (R)



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