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PostPosted: Dec 08, 2014 1:30 am 

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I saw a new video posted to Gordon McDowell's Youtube channel.

The video is of a news broadcast featuring a debate between an advocate of nuclear power and an advocate of "green" power.

In my opinion Dr. Karamoskos, the advocate for wind and solar, has a real hard time staying on topic and answering the questions he's asked. He also seemed rather rude by talking over Mr. Heard and the hosts. Mr. Heard, again in my opinion, was exceedingly polite and stayed on topic. These are the debates we need to see more often. Allow the "green" people to continue to be rude, off topic, and ramble on so people can see that they do not know what they are talking about.

Things mentioned in support of a nuclear power infrastructure within Australia was recycling of spent nuclear fuel to reduce or eliminate radioactive waste. Mentions of fast neutron reactors to consume any waste products. I don't recall any mention of specific reactor designs to produce the electricity. The way he was talking is sounded like a mix of conventional solid fuel reactor with molten salt fast neutron reactors, to recycle the waste into something that can be re-used as solid fuel and destroy dangerous fission products with neutron bombardment. Perhaps I've read too much into what was said.

Nice to see people debating for more nuclear power anywhere. My apologizes if the news segment did not mention LFTR or thorium directly. I believe it would be safe to presume that LFTR and/or thorium as a fuel would play a role making this suitable discussion for this forum.

Disclaimer: I am an engineer but not a nuclear engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, or industrial engineer. My education included electrical, computer, and software engineering.

PostPosted: Dec 08, 2014 12:39 pm 

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Ben Heard's website is here

Ben is a likable and persuasive advocate for nuclear power.

He's been mentored on nuclear energy by fellow Aussie Barry Brook.

Here's the 2009 article on Barry's website that discussed LFTR in Australia (this was my first exposure to LFTR)

I stopped reading BNC closely (not sure exactly why) but as a general comment, Barry teamed up with Tom Blees ("Prescription for the Planet" author) advocating fast IFR's as an immediate best priority for nuclear power generation.

Further bit of uselessness, my first tweet ever was to Lady Bryony Worthington, I was barging in on a spirited (friendly) exchange she was having with Mark Lynas about
a proposed online debate pitting thorium / lftr advocates up against the IFR guys. They were gonna set it up as a duel where Mark Lynas was nominating Tom Blees as his second, and Lady Worthington wanted Kirk Sorenson.

After checking in with Kirk (Kirk: "I like it! I'm in!") I tweeted to Lady Worthington and she tweeted back "strong work" or something like that.

Mr. Blees however was ahem not enthused. In his defense yeah, nuclear power advocates fighting amongst themselves perhaps not the best use of expert resources.

So yeah, FWIW, a little blurbing from the time capsule.


PostPosted: Jan 11, 2018 9:50 am 
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Australia has 'missed the boat' on nuclear power

The Minerals Council of Australia has called for the country's prohibition on nuclear power to be lifted. But both critics and supporters see little future for large-scale nuclear power in Australia’s energy mix. The man who once famously called for 50 nuclear reactors across Australia, nuclear physicist and NBN chairman Ziggy Switkowski, says "the window for gigawatt-scale nuclear has closed".

PostPosted: Feb 01, 2018 4:15 pm 

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So, don’t use “gigawatt scale” reactors, use multiple 100MW scale reactors. Install most as 1x24/7 NPPs and a few as 2x12/7 NPPs. That way they can provide nearly 100% of their electrical needs.

DRJ : Engineer - NAVSEA : (Retired)

PostPosted: Feb 01, 2018 7:29 pm 

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Opposition to nuclear power comes in various forms, not always justified, but emotionally strong.
Australia, with highest reserves, produces a fraction of possibilities.
The US, with highest operating nuclear power, has problems in storing used fuel at designated location. Some states are going off nuclear for want of disposal arrangements for used fuel.
Germany got scared due to tsunami damage to reactors across the world in Japan.
Requirement of energy remains strong in most of the world. Nuclear is essential to meet it.
One solution is to have some nuclear reservations. Produce and recycle modular plants and used fuel at these locations. Bury the unwanted fission products in boreholes.

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