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Author:  Kirk Sorensen [ Aug 26, 2009 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Basic Forum Policies

Greetings. This forum is intended for the discussion of thorium as an energy resource. To that end, posts should generally follow that topic or have sensible extensions to it. I'm fairly liberal in my views about what a sensible extension is and will let you know if I think we're too far off-topic.

Also, it is the prerogative of the poster who starts a thread to determine the topic, and the responsibility of the subsequent posters to sensibly adhere to that topic. If you want to get an alternative discussion going, start a new thread or ask me to split off posts into a new thread and I'll try to do it.

This should go without saying, but posts advertising pharmecutical products, weight-loss, stock pumping, Nigerian money scams, or sexually-oriented services will be immediately deleted and the poster's account will be immediately deleted without warning or appeal. Other things like this that I haven't listed could be deleted as well--if you consider it spam, it will probably get nailed.

Users should try to keep their signature blocks to a reasonable length and should not embed links to images. They can load an avatar picture in their preferences.

Please try to use BBcode for embedded links to url's, especially those that are very long. They can distend the viewing window for other users because they have no page breaks. Big images can do the same thing. Images already on the internet can be linked into a post using BBcode, and if you have one that isn't on the internet and you really want to use, email it to me and I can upload it and send you the link.

Here are some online instructions for using BBcode.

We're having a lot of threads being created on subjects that are already being covered, often with substantial discussion, on previous threads.

Please make every effort to sustain existing threads rather than creating new ones when the subject is already under discussion.

For instance, every article about (the company) Thorium Power and every comment by an Indian leader on the subject of thorium do not merit new threads. Extend existing ones.

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