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PostPosted: Mar 01, 2016 5:16 am 

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Since the Republican parts seems determined to not win the Presidential Election, and Clinton has a slight lead for the democrats, what can she do for the nuclear power - especially new nuclear?

According to Wikipedia:

Nuclear power

At a February 18, 2007 campaign rally in Columbia, South Carolina, Clinton stated, "I think nuclear power has to be part of our energy solution... We get about 20% of our energy from nuclear power in our country... other countries like France get much much more, so we do have to look at it because it doesn't put greenhouse gas emissions into the air."[16] Subsequently in a July 2007 Democratic debate, when asked about nuclear power as an alternative energy source, she said, "I'm agnostic about nuclear power. Until we figure out what we're going to do with the waste and the cost, it's very hard to see nuclear as a part of our future. But that's where American technology comes in. Let's figure out what we're going to do about the waste and the cost if we think nuclear should be a part of the solution."[17]

For a US politician not wanting to upset voters, that seems quite positive.

On the other hand: ... onment.htm
I have a comprehensive energy plan that does not rely on nuclear power. I have said we should not be siting any more coal-powered plants unless they can have the most modern, clean technology. I want big demonstration projects to figure out how we would capture and sequester carbon.

So a bit of delusion there. Plus didn't her husband scrap the IFR program?

PostPosted: Mar 01, 2016 9:22 am 
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Yes, the IFR project was cancelled in 1994 by the Clinton Administration; I believe the Energy Secretary at the time cited proliferation concerns as the excuse. I say excuse since the IFR fuel cycle called for consuming SNF which has terrible isotopic mixes for weapon use. Other disappointments about the cancellation include: cost of continuing the project was about the same as the shut down cost; the Japanese government was committed to match US funds for the project; and the IFR is one path towards eliminating TRUs thus ending the "what to do with spent fuel" question.
I would think that the Clintons had known nearly nothing about the project, it was just politically expedient at the time to eliminate IFR and please some group(s).

PostPosted: Mar 01, 2016 4:53 pm 

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Clinton has no real views on anything.
She only care about polls and her donors.
She'll do whatever she's paid to do, unless its so bad she won't get re-elected for that policy.
All moderate Republicans are exactly the same, except they have different constituencies.
When polls change, they "evolve" their opinions.
Since solar and fossil fuel interests give away far more money than nuclear, well, you know the results. Same as Obama.
Pretend to be for nuclear, but do nothing of substance to help nuclear become viable again.

Looking for companies working to change the world.

PostPosted: Mar 01, 2016 5:21 pm 
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I believe her main energy policy statement was when she said she wanted to see a billion solar panels in America. In reaction, I reached to secure my wallet. Maybe she meant distributed SMRs without long HVDC power lines and massive backup power plants emitting CO2 but it did not sound like it.

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