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PostPosted: Sep 07, 2016 3:55 pm 

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I have no degree on anything, yet I know a lot more about computers and telecommunications networks than anyone fresh out of college.

I did complete the first 2 years of computer engineering (what is called the basic engineering curriculum in Brazil), since I started playing around computers at 11 and started seriously studying computer science from books before high school, I found I had little to learn from my computer engineering teachers. In Brazil you just can't skip high school.

Of course computers is one such profession where the degree isn't required, on the other extreme we have medicine, civil engineering and many other professions where you carry civil liability for what you do, and without a university degree you just can't exert your profession.

But the assumption that not having a degree = you know nothing/little is a big mistake.

There are plenty of college dropouts that excel in their fields, with masters / PhD level knowledge, specially in computers / telecommunications.

I don't mean to start a long discussions, just provide a single data point to contrast some assumptions presented here.

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PostPosted: Sep 07, 2016 9:13 pm 
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Excellent points, macpacheco.

Since you mentioned your experience, high-end computing in modeling is amazing. INL has nuclear fuel modeling and it's done elsewhere in the US. Lightbridge would model their fuel assemblies? It doesn't seem an accessible kind of computing. Modeling an MSR seems impenetrable to any but a few highly talented—likely many with degrees.

Aside from the actual nuclear engineering discussions here on this forum, there is the industrial business aspects that this topic started with. But there is also the anti-nuclear pro-nuclear debates in the public where a majority of ill-informed people can attempt to overrule experts in the field. People balked at the naled spraying in Miami-Dade County to kill zika mosquitoes, and booed when asked for a show of hands as to the number of doctors in the room! They're spraying anyway.

Alvin Weinberg, inventor of the thorium molten salt reactor, wrote: "Science and Trans-Science" for Minerva in 1974. As regards qualifications in the public nuclear debates (that translates to Lightbridge's bottom line), I feel Dr. Weinberg's views ought to be well appreciated by both the pro-nuclear advocates and the anti-nuclear groups. It's likely a discussion for continuation under an already existing topic elsewhere on this forum.

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PostPosted: Jul 15, 2018 11:24 am 
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Halden Reactor to be decommissioned

Lightbridge reaffirmed plans to start testing its fuel in a US research reactor by 2020, as well as deploy a lead test rod in a US commercial reactor by 2021. Seth Grae, the company's president and CEO, said: "While we may conduct tests at sites in Europe or other countries with suitable test facilities, we are extremely pleased with the strong and growing support in the US at both the commercial and governmental levels. We look forward to announcing formal arrangements for irradiation testing of our fuel samples in a US research reactor and our lead test rod programme with a US nuclear utility later this year or early next year."

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