• America has Vast Reserves of Thorium

    that could power our country for thousands of years!

  • Energy from Thorium also
    produces Medicines

    that could be used to fight some of the worst cancers

  • Energy from Thorium could enable

    Lower Energy Costs for America's Manufacturers

    and Greater Competitiveness!
  • Energy from Thorium Used in a LFTR

    could generate electricity and desalinate sea water .

Latest News

Dr. Bill Thesling WHK 1420AM Podcast Interview: LFTR

Energy From Thorium Foundation Interview     Podcast Interview Dr. William Thesling (Executive Chaiman of the Energy From Thorium Foundation) makes the case for development of the element thorium as an energy source.  He says using the element in a LFTR Liquid Fluoride
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Pandora’s Promise

Pandora’s Promise is a movie for everyone that is concerned about Energy and the Environment “THIS IS A FILM THAT SHOULD BE SEEN, AND BY ENVIRONMENTALISTS MOST OF ALL. NUCLEAR POWER NEED NOT BE RADIOACTIVE FOR GREENS.” -Bryan, Walsh, TIME  “PROVOCATIVE and IMPORTANT” - 
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Opportunities in Nuclear

  The Second Annual Ohio State University Forum on Nuclear Power This Conference will focus on the needs, opportunities, and emerging technologies in Nuclear Power. From the need for a carbon-free energy source able to provide base-load power to medical treatments using radio-isotopes to new ty
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Washington D.C.

I will be in Washington, D.C. this week for a variety of meetings on Capitol Hill, K Street and a variety of Energy Organizations.  Energy Policy, Thorium and the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor will be the topic of discussion.  Cheap plentiful energy is the single correlates with economic growth mo
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Kirk Sorensen of the Energy From Thorium Foundation

Kirk Sorensen Interview 1370 AM WSPD

  Kirk Sorensen Interview 1370 AM WSPD   Kirk Sorensen is interviewed by Charlie Earl of WSPD
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Don Larson Interview on WSPD1370AM

Don Larson Interview on WSPD1370AM     Don Larson is Interviewed by Charlie Earl on WSPD 1370 AM
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OSU Nuclear Power Forum

Thank You to everyone who attended and helped to make this event a huge success.

Julian Rosenman MD PhD

Dr. Julian Rosenman gives lecture on the great potential of Alpha-immunotherapy and its ability to eradicate cancer with the proper delivery system. Alpha-immunoherapy utilizes Actinium 225 which can be produced by a LFTR. Currently, Actinium is rare and very expensive.

Kirk Sorensen

Kirk speaks o the crowd at OSU about the need to develop a LFTR and why LFTR, up till now, has not been developed.

Dr. Heather Willauer

Dr. Heather Willauer talks to Ohio State attendees about how her team has successfully turned seawater into jet fuel. The high heat needed for this process could be an application for LFTR.

Dr. Robert Hargraves

Dr. Robert Hargraves makes the economic and humanitarian case for a Thorium based MSR (Molten Salt Reactor)

Dr. Charles Forsberg

Dr. Charles Forsberg of MIT and ORNL explains the benefits of MSRs (Molten Salt Reactors)

Dr. Henry Cialone

Dr. Henry Cialone of EWI makes the case for Ohio to develop SMRs (Small Modular Reactors)

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