Thorium is the key to creating life-saving medicines to fight cancer and producing clean, efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy.
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50th anniversary of U-233 start of MSRE

October 8, 2018, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the operation of the Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE) using uranium-233 as a fuel. U-233 does not occur naturally; it is formed when thorium absorbs a neutron undergoes a double beta decay to form U-233. U-233 is a superior nuclear fuel, producing enough neutrons through its fission (whether…

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LFTR Article in Business Insider

Over the last few months I’ve had several interviews with Dave Mosher, and he has produced an impressive piece of history and technological reviews about the LFTR that I think is well worth reading: Business Insider: A forgotten war technology could safely power Earth for millions of years. Here’s why we aren’t using it “The…

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2017 Platts Nuclear Energy Conference

I was asked to speak at the Platts Nuclear Energy Conference in Washington, DC, on February 10, as part of their panel on “New Approaches to Advanced Reactor Design.” I began my talk by emphasizing how the generation of “nuclear waste” has become a political problem, with spent fuel sites dotting the country, but that…

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