Solar FREAKIN Roadways

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Solar FREAKIN Roadways

Post by Smashmaster » Apr 09, 2017 11:39 am

Built an array in Idaho, and it turned out about as well as anyone who didn't drink the cool aid would expect.

Idaho’s $4.3 Million Solar Project Generates Enough Energy to Run ONE Microwave Oven

TL;DR SFR got $4.3 million over 6 1/2 years to build a system that can run a microwave (on a good day!)

Kurt Sellner
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Re: Solar FREAKIN Roadways

Post by Kurt Sellner » Apr 09, 2017 4:07 pm

The article is mixing up their units. A kilowatt hour is a measure of energy, not of power. I clicked the link which they use to justify the use of a blowdryer as an example and a kilowatt hour would dry 20 heads, who has 20 heads in their house to dry? With a microwave as an example they claim it would cook four meals. They get close in their analysis, which I assume came only by coincidence. The solar roadway would produce enough energy for a typical family to warm their supper in a microwave, or provide the typical three hours of TV viewing per day. Just about everything else is nonsense.

I believe their assessment is not near as bad as they claim but even though they got their math off by orders of magnitude solar power still looks terrible. This is just another example of how desperate the solar power people are in trying to make solar power look good. Putting solar panels in roadways and parking lots is a very bad idea. If the solar power people were smart then they'd stop with this tactic of trying to put solar panels where they do not belong. Maybe someday we could see this idea have some merit but we are very far from that now.
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Re: Solar FREAKIN Roadways

Post by macpacheco » Apr 11, 2017 10:08 am

Only ignorants believe in solar roadways. They don't represent anything about solar photovoltaic potential or limitations.
Solar PV must be inclined towards the equator for average best generation.
The premisses are easily disprovable.
Meanwhile, there are several MW large solar PV farms in the world, producing reliable energy as long as tied to good size batteries.
Excellent in tropical areas like Hawaii, Guam, Central America, most of Africa and South America.
In 5 years the overwhelming majority of equatorial/tropical and hotter temperate areas that currently run on Diesel or otherwise oil electricity will be solar. Replacing cheap natural gas or coal is a bit harder but its already happening in more modest numbers.

Solar roadways is an indictment of the American educational system. If everybody had to study physics, this would have been laughed at and dismissed out of hand years ago.
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Re: Solar FREAKIN Roadways

Post by Smashmaster » Apr 12, 2017 9:47 am

macpacheco wrote:Solar roadways is an indictment of the American educational system. If everybody had to study physics, this would have been laughed at and dismissed out of hand years ago.
H.L. Mencken wrote:No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public.
It's easy and fun to say the American public isn't quite up to speed on many things, but we can't just blame the average joe for this. It's local politicians spending $$$ on this, many of which are no sharper then the average joe, but what excuse do our so called elites have? They are supposed to be smarter and more informed, but they sure don't impress me.

If you look elsewhere around the west, you see the same thing. The Germans aren't normally thought of as dingbats, but they sure are doing a good job of passing themselves off as wild eyed rainbow chasers, ignorant of the laws of reality as anyone else we believe to be intellectually inferior.

Nothing is going to get done in the west. We are too fat, dumb and (un)happy for the bureaucratic inertia and garden variety corruption to get broken out of. Solar FREAKIN Roadways is just a symptom of our situation.

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Re: Solar FREAKIN Roadways

Post by jagdish » Oct 02, 2018 2:18 am

We should focus on energy at least cost rather than messing up the earth with bird killing windmills and solar panels ‘farms.’ I would rather have a few towers in small clusters storing compressed air produced by wind energy and some batteries charged by solar panels mounted on the sunny face of towers.

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