Official White House Thorium Petition

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Official White House Thorium Petition

Post by Andrew2 » Feb 23, 2018 6:49 pm


I would like to initiate an official White House petition ( proposing a new administration policy towards Thorium energy development and rare earth regulation within the United States.

My undergraduate was in Nuclear Engineering more than ten years ago; yet I never worked as an engineer. That makes me a layman relative to many of you. I'm able to watch and understand most of the content on Gordon McDowell's YouTube channel.

Because I am not a subject matter expert, I'm requesting assistance with the writing of the petition title, as well as the petition description. I would like to use this thread in order for individuals to propose written titles and (more importantly) descriptions. Once we have a settled draft, I will initiate the petition under my name (unless someone else wishes to be the initiator - it doesn't matter to me). 100,000 signatures in 30 days merits an official response.

Within the petition I would like to request that the President accept a condensed briefing on the matter from Kirk Sorensen (as long as he is ok with it) along with anyone else he would like to bring with him. I realize that this is an audacious request, but we live in interesting times. Any persons requested to brief the President should go into a condensed credentials section within the petition description.

I believe that the petition should highlight thorium energy as relevant to national security, as well as the lengths to which China is going to develop molten salt reactors.

I'm open to any other information deemed significant enough to be placed on the petition. Keep in mind that the petition must be comprehensible to laymen. The most successful petitions tend to be as succinct as possible without being vague.

There is no ultimate downside to making this attempt. The petition should be viewed as a vehicle to inform interested citizens about the possibilities of Thorium as much as it is a potential vehicle for political change.

Information on the petition process can be found here:

Once the petition is written, there are numerous channels to disseminate it. Social media accounts, forums, and message boards are some of the most obvious.

Gordon McDowell could release a short video requesting subscribers to go sign it, post a link on their own social media pages, and e-mail the request to friends or family. He has 17,000 subscribers at present. If even a few hundred take action then it has a chance of going viral within the community enough to reach the needed goal. In any case there is little to no downside to the effort.

Please post your thoughts as well as proposals below. Thank you.
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The view seen when preparing to enter the petition title.
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The view seen when preparing to enter the petition description.