Nuclear weapon missing since 1950 'may have been found'

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Nuclear weapon missing since 1950 'may have been found'

Post by Kurt Sellner » Nov 12, 2016 8:30 pm

I saw this on Slashdot, linked here: ... been-found

The news article discussed is here:
Sean Smyrichinsky was diving for sea cucumbers near British Columbia when he discovered a large metal device that looked a bit like a flying saucer.

The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) believes it could be a "lost nuke" from a US B-36 bomber that crashed in the area in 1950.
The news article discussed this recent find as well as other cases of lost nuclear weapons in the past. The members of the Slashdot discussion seem to fall largely into a group of calm and moderately informed commenters and the irrational and ignorant commenters.

There does seem to be a lot of questions on this find so far. It will be interesting to see if it is recovered and if so then how much more we will hear of it. Reading the article there does seem to be some question on if this was an actual weapon, lacking only it's "pit" (which was not on the plane) to detonate, if it was an inert device constructed to closely match the size and weight of a real weapon, a fully functional weapon, or perhaps something unrelated to the 1950 crash. It does seem that Canada and the USA consider this find significant enough to send warships to investigate.
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