• America has Vast Reserves of Thorium

    that could power our country for thousands of years!

  • Energy from Thorium also
    produces Medicines

    that could be used to fight some of the worst cancers

  • Energy from Thorium could enable

    Lower Energy Costs for America's Manufacturers

    and Greater Competitiveness!
  • Energy from Thorium Used in a LFTR

    could generate electricity and desalinate sea water .

Latest News

2050: Fearing Fear Itself

    Commentary by Jon Morrow 2050: Fearing Fear Itself   In the thorium advocacy community, we have all heard the stories as to why “they” will never let thorium-based molten salt reactors (like a LFTR Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) be built. Many of us can never identify just who “
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Energy From Thorium: Taking out the Trash!

Commentary by Jon Morrow For those of us interested in the environment, a large, visible, and costly concern should be landfills and waste management. A modern society produces millions of tons of garbage and the age-old technology of burying trash is still with us in the year 2014. While we have ma
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Understanding Energy Hype and Energy Reality!

-commentary by Jon Morrow Many people draw their own conclusions about energy  -from other peoples conclusions of energy  -and many of those people formed their opinions based on faulty information or information relayed to them with an agenda. Many conclusions formed upon energy are normally formed
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The Molten Salt Reactor Race: Will America Join the Race?

  Commentary by Jon Morrow- The South China Post reported on March 18th that the Chinese government has greatly accelerated its plans to produce a commercialized LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor), which is a type of MSR Molten Salt Reactor. The previous goal set for the development of this
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Despite Fukushima and Media Bias, Americans Support Nuclear Energy!

-Story by Jon Morrow Cleveland, Ohio- Radiophobia (fear of all forms of radiation) has plagued the nuclear industry since its inception but its rise to prominence hit a fever pitch after the Three Mile Island accident and the movie the China Syndrome was released. Today, we can see that Americans ar
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OSU Nuclear Power Forum

Thank You to everyone who attended and helped to make this event a huge success.

Julian Rosenman MD PhD

Dr. Julian Rosenman gives lecture on the great potential of Alpha-immunotherapy and its ability to eradicate cancer with the proper delivery system. Alpha-immunoherapy utilizes Actinium 225 which can be produced by a LFTR. Currently, Actinium is rare and very expensive.

Kirk Sorensen

Kirk speaks o the crowd at OSU about the need to develop a LFTR and why LFTR, up till now, has not been developed.

Dr. Heather Willauer

Dr. Heather Willauer talks to Ohio State attendees about how her team has successfully turned seawater into jet fuel. The high heat needed for this process could be an application for LFTR.

Dr. Robert Hargraves

Dr. Robert Hargraves makes the economic and humanitarian case for a Thorium based MSR (Molten Salt Reactor)

Dr. Charles Forsberg

Dr. Charles Forsberg of MIT and ORNL explains the benefits of MSRs (Molten Salt Reactors)

Dr. Henry Cialone

Dr. Henry Cialone of EWI makes the case for Ohio to develop SMRs (Small Modular Reactors)

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