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  1. Hi. K Sorensen. Thank you for making nuclear physics exciting again.
    For the Thorium molten salt reactor: In the unlikely case you have not already thought of this may I suggest.
    To avoid the necessity of starting up with some U233 and the licensing/security problems, what you could do is to insert a “few” normal PWR low enriched U235 fuel pins (shorter than normal for the depth , or sloped for extraction,but whatever), together with as many control pins and monitoring pins as necessary into some vertical carbon moderator/guides into the “stream” of Thorium molten salt. (hopefully mechanically straightforward). Effectively making a really small Uranium reactor which would have smaller volume than normal because of the carbon moderator. Chemically it would remain a chemically pure, (Zero contaminated Uranium), Thorium reactor. No coolant or other chemistry would need to be added. Just a way to scram the Uranium reactor in the event of loss of coolant.

    These pins would only have to remain until the Thorium reactor had bred enough U233 to be self sustaining.
    With enough inserted Uranium pins it might even melt the powdered frozen salt , no external heater required.

    You could make a much smaller research or even a scalable power reactor by leaving the rods in and replacing them as needed, thus reducing the startup investment mountain.

    My best wishes for your endeavors with Thorium.

  2. Enjoy your presentations whenever I see even as a rebroadcast of your TedTalks or thorium presentations makes me excited and frustrated ( 2011 and 2018 documentaries). The facts are obscured and need to be told.

    Speaking of the aerospace application for a nuclear bomber the Idaho national labs apparently has 2 of the 3 prototypes on test stands made with thorium for the atomic plane on display. I can feel your sense of frustration as the govenment contunues to be indifferent and fails to support the businesses and citizens within its own borders. The certain knowledge that China plans to continue on the path of unrestricted warfare by supporting its own industries remains quite certainly ignored.

    I remain a big fan and enjoy reading your scientific as well as opinion pieces, whenever I find them. The radioisotope thermoelectric example of decay power from for Exploration beyond the asteroid belt is an opportunity to use for this it’s a great method of producing lay material plutonium-238 as a byproduct to have a thorium reactor built as an excuse has merit. Other uses I thought it would be a good example DOE funds to clean up a site such as the copper mines in Montana you have a ready a thorium reactor would give you a ready supply of electricity and heat to process the water back into pure water from the open pit change it from extraordinarily acid to as well as mine out the copper and iron that produce the acid as well as the other elements that remain in solution. I particularly like the medical application of Radiolytic products as you had mentioned with the Xe isotope.

    Your refutation of the standard hypothesis of no radiation as a policy matter instead of a fact needs to be heard.
    Again, I remain a big fan.

  3. How can I get in contact with K Sorensen? My boss if starting up a podcast and he want to have Kirk Sorensen as his first guest cause he want to share more information about the nuclear reactors and the free energy.

    If anyone know how we can get in contact please let me know. My boss really wants to get in contact with him.

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