Thorium at a UTK Colloquium, October 18, 2023

I really enjoyed the chance to go back to my alma mater, the University of Tennessee, and to present to their nuclear engineering department as part of their colloquium series. The department head and my former teacher, Wes Hines, was kind enough to host and I was also very glad to see Harold Dodds there, who was department head when I was a student.

Gordon McDowell cut the video from the footage shot on campus and interspersed it with recent animations we have developed that really enhance the presentation quality of the video. I really appreciate his hard work on this and think the result is one of the best video presentations he and I have worked on together.

One thought on “Thorium at a UTK Colloquium, October 18, 2023

  1. Kale belongs in the fridge…lol!!

    All kidding aside, this is the first time I’m excited about Nuclear with a thorium process–and it is all attributed to Mr. Sorensen and his forthrightness that is nearly impossible to ever find in anything having to do with nuclear.

    What really fascinates me is the multiple business models that are possible within the same facility, and that each business model in itself would be a game changer–cornucopia of good things indeed. And I thought my idea to reuse waste for heat production was good, lol.

    What I really love it the thought of nuclear turning into a closed loop cycle like every other good thing in nature. Imo, it is the open loop processes around the world (nuclear and non-nuclear) that have caused the damage to the world that we are now getting desperate to fix. If the entire nuclear industry changed it would be a very large impact indeed.

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