Dr. Taube has a Web page!

Several years ago, after reading an occasional passing mention of the possibility of a liquid-chloride reactor in a few papers, I thought myself very novel to imagine the benefits of such a reactor. Then one day, while perusing an old technical journal in the library, I came across a paper written by one “M. Taube” of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) that described the benefits of such a reactor.

I was shocked! But very happy. I set about to see if I could get in contact with this Dr. Taube and after a fair amount of searching, I located an email address. I figured that by this point Dr. Taube must be well into his 80s, and perhaps he did not check email. But he did contact me, and went so far as to send me paper copies of a great number of his works from his work at the ETH in the 1960s and 1970s, which I scanned and have made available here on this site.

Dr. Taube has furthermore been a prolific author, and continues to do so, writing books about energy and the implications for the future of mankind that I have found exceptionally interesting and lucid. And now he has told me that he has a website! So I wanted to point it out to any of the readers here, and encourage them to visit and perhaps send some words of appreciation to Dr. Taube for all the excellent work that he had done over so many years.

Thank you, Dr. Taube!

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