Dr. Mitch Jacoby Introduces Thorium to the ACS

A lot of the folks that attended the first Thorium Energy Alliance Conference were people that had made their interest in thorium known previously–either through blogs or presentations or so forth. But we did have a few total “newbies” at TEAC1, and one of them was Dr. Mitch Jacoby, senior editor of Chemical and Engineering News. Mitch not only has a Ph.D in physical chemistry but is a reporter, and at TEAC1 he took the big group picture of all of us and started working on a story, which thanks to his diligence and in-depth reporting is available to all of us now:

Reintroducing Thorium: A largely forgotten natural resource holds vast nuclear power potential

John Wheeler and I had a chance to talk to Mitch before lunch on the first day of TEAC and Mitch’s enthusiasm was infectious. “How come everyone doesn’t know about this!” he would ask, and John and I would smile and say something like “well, we’re trying to fix that…”

Odds are, Mitch’s article could do more to remedy that problem in a few days than our efforts do in months…

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