More Energy Slavery, this time IN Copenhagen!

A few posts ago I mentioned the UK TV show where they showed an army of “energy slaves” pedaling away, trying desperately to generate enough power for a single family…a better demonstration of the concept of energy slaves, I’ve never seen.

I predicted we’d see more of such foolishness as the Copenhagen conference neared–what I didn’t expect was to see this insanity itself IN Copenhagen!

WSJ: Pedal Power: Copenhagen Lights Christmas Tree With Bikes

At the Danish capital’s City Hall Square, 15 to 20 volunteers can sit on stationary bikes located around a massive, decorated tree and pedal away to keep it light, at least during the day. The bikes are connected to electrical tie-ups that ultimately power hundreds of lights on the tree.

Oh man, there’s so much to say about the stupidity of this…perhaps I had better just stop now. But not before I mention that most of the electrical energy in Denmark is generated by fossil fuels, and that the Danish government has gotten rich off selling North Sea crude for years.

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