7 thoughts on “Eight Presidents, One Goal

  1. Yes, heart-breaking and stultifying ignorance on energy, economics and productivity. Interesting the historical context: pre- and post-TMI and the fads that gain temporary traction. Switchgrass? Ugh.

    Have you seen this article? "The Astounding High Cost of 'Free' Energy" http://www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/Articles%20
    Note the horsepower calculations between USA and China.

  2. You know what's so funny or not so funny ? These people tell us exactly what they are doing to us they use either news media or some comedy news/shows or these weird-ass 'Lady Ga Ga' videos (she's just one in the music industries) like the daily show and we either laugh as if it's a joke made up by some brilliant minds (and they do have incredible minds- but most Americans are just asleep or just plain too lazy to really see what's in their faces).

  3. Could someone tell me the date of this show? Up here in Canada at least the video link is blocked out.

    David L.

  4. That was hilarious and yes, also sad but educational as well. This should teach all of us that presidents don't have all the answers and are more than willing to say things they think we want to hear. I do believe we can transition to a non-petroleum economy but it might be from desperation as opposed to a leader leading the way.

  5. One of the most perceptive and saddest video clips I've seen. Sad because it doesn't reflect on the stupidity of the American people who refuse to demand that their presidents act on these issues of energy efficiency and foreign oil dependency, but because American presidents for over 30 years have know about the country's energy problems and done virtually nothing to resolve them. It is a serious indictment against the US system of democracy.

  6. We have no longer democracy. We descended into the age of idiocracy where special interests rule and where idiots bow in agreement to every nonsense that is served under their noses. The best example of idiocracy is the fad for solar and wind power and other unworkable alternate energy scams. The true solution to energy wows, nuclear energy from thorium was forgotten in the last spasm of democracy at the end of 20th century. Thanks to God, there is at least some minor effort to reinvent the wheel but no effort to get the job done, at least not in this country.
    The situation is so serious that only a few are aware how serious it is. To summarize it up in few words, one can say! We are screwed.

  7. At the end, the most incredible thing is that all the American people still believe that is up to the president or the government to SOLVE this petroleum thing. They just help (If they can or are willing to). The people who make the changes are the great minds and inventors. Technology and science are the only thing that will make you free. Innovation and discoveries are the greatest things. In USA, you fill find the solution and the people who will make the changes inside the universities and laboratories, not in the White House. You just have to push the government to let people and inventors work and prosper. THAT WILL MAKE THE CHANGE.

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