5 thoughts on “Dr. Rusty Towell presents LFTR at TEDxACU

  1. I am an engineer at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, I would love to be involved in the development of this technology. Is anybody developing it now?

  2. The world needs to hear this message. Once the word gets out that there is a nuclear energy source that is safe, clean, efficient, and cheap, and learns that renewables like wind and solar are not safe, clean, efficient, nor cheap, the way will be clear. Nuclear energy from Thorium is the answer.

  3. This appears to be an excellent representation of the LIFTR which I understand as a quantitative scientist but not a nuclear guy. I would like to distribute this to my Edm, AB LLL Association classmates and some Canadian nuclear scientists for comment. Do I have your permission?

  4. "Just 3 M&Ms worth of thorium will supply all of your electricity for your whole life. We could run Austen on this paint can worth of thorium for a year."
    Sometimes true statements can be very misleading. A paint can worth of thorium would not produce any electricity at all because it would not fission. So, we need some U235 to get the reactor started. Then we need a small recycling unit (never tested at scale) to grab the U233 from the thorium which absorbed a neutron. In the real world we would need tons of thorium to be sure all of the U235 derived neutrons are absorbed by a thorium atom. Now that's not a problem because thorium will be cheap if someone can really make a LFTR.
    So why overstate the case? Why not just say that thorium is cheap and plentiful?

  5. I wish Dr. Towell would have addressed how we can politically get Thorium reactors built in this country. Seems like there is no political motivation to do so. I've written my representatives all to no avail.

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