ARC conference, London, day 1

I’ve had the great pleasure and honor to be invited to attend and speak at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship’s inaugural conference in London, UK, this week. Yesterday was the first day of the conference and I found it, just remarkable. There is a tremendous gathering here of people dedicated to several key propositions, which are very resonant with how I have felt for a long time.

The overarching concept is that of the “better story”. And the better story is simply this, that the world isn’t coming to an end, that our best days are before us rather than behind us, and that human beings are an asset to the world and to each other rather than a drain or a burden on the earth.

Baroness Phillipa Stroud is definitely the mistress of ceremonies for the whole event and she was indefatigable and really wonderful to hear. I’m not sure how she did all the things I saw her do yesterday but I was exceptionally impressed by her and this conference.

Jordan Peterson is another intense contributor to the conference and I can tell that he and Baroness Stroud have worked really hard to pull this together and to invite the right people.

He asked “can we tilt the world toward heaven and away from hell?” I just love how he puts things. He’s like an Old Testament prophet in the 21st century.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California gave an outstanding talk that was full of humor and insight, but didn’t miss the idea that other great leaders like Churchill and Thatcher has also been shown less than kindness by their legislative bodies.

The new Speaker of the US House of Representative, Mike Johnson, did not attend in person but sent along a video message that was excellent and was very well-received.

Michael Shellenberger gave an outstanding talk in the afternoon and I’ll embed the video here:

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