New Parliamentary Group Formed to Consider Thorium

Last year, I travelled to London to participate in the kickoff of the Weinberg Foundation, an advocacy group for thorium energy. I am pleased to announce with them the formation of an “All-Party Parliamentary Group” or APPG that contains members of both the House of Commons and House of Lords, to consider the potential of thorium as an energy source. This is a press release from the Weinberg Foundation that was issued today. Press contact details are included below. Safer, cleaner nuclear alternative tops the agenda for new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Thorium Energy World’s first coalition of cross-party legislators […]

Recent Developments

I just looked back and realized that I didn’t post a single time in the month of January. For that I apologize–I want you to know that the frequency of posting is not connected to the pace of development in the world of thorium. In fact, it may be just the opposite–the more that is going on the less time there seems to be to make good high-quality postings. Nevertheless, in an attempt to recapitulate recent developments let me call a few out: Baroness Worthington discussed thorium in the House of Lords on January 12th as part of a larger […]

Baroness Worthington Promotes Thorium to the House of Lords

I had the privilege of meeting Bryony Worthington, founder of Sandbag.org, in July 2009 when she was a member of the panel that would deliver the Manchester Report, which was a part of the Manchester International Festival sponsored by the Guardian newspaper. Sandbag works to purchase and “retire” carbon credits, thus reducing the amount of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere under European carbon trading regulations. She was a delight to meet in person, and we have kept in touch since then about her fight against climate change and my efforts to promote thorium as a clean energy source. Recently, Bryony […]